Why accredit

The Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT) credential provides a pathway towards the establishment and maintenance of high standards of hand therapy practice in Australia. There are benefits of accreditation to the patient, community, referrers, insurers and the practitioner. 

Patients and the community

An AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist has undertaken advanced upper limb education, assessment, mentoring and clinical practice. Patients and the community can be assured that these practitioners have been assessed as qualified and competent to provide safe, evidence-based diagnosis, advice and treatment.

Referrers and insurers

The credential provides a way of demonstrating to referrers and insurers that the practitioner meets competencies as an advanced scope practitioner. 


The credential provides the practitioner with:

  • greater recognition and remuneration
  • a mentor for 12 months. This mentor will be a highly experienced clinician who will be committed to teaching and supporting you to become the best practitioner that you can be
  • a pathway to further your clinical competence, professional and personal growth and confidence
  • skills to better meet the needs of your patients
  • access to a community of advanced practitioners in hand therapy.