What is an Accredited Hand Therapist?

The Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT) credential is a program that has been developed by the Australian Hand Therapy Association and is awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association Credentialing Council. 

An Accredited Hand Therapist is a person who:

  • is an AHPRA* registered Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist
  • has demonstrated an advanced level of competence in hand therapy
  • has undertaken over 300 hours of  advanced upper limb education and assessment;  a one-year mentorship; and has a minimum of 3600 hours in hand therapy clinical practice
  • has been assessed as qualified and competent to provide safe, evidence-based diagnosis, advice and treatment
  • is awarded the credential of Accredited Hand Therapist by the Australian Hand Therapy Association Credentialing Council.
  • Accredited Hand Therapists can be located throughout Australia and can be found in private practice (sometimes co-located with hand surgeons), in public hospitals and community settings. There are over 400 Accredited Hand Therapists in Australia.

How do I find an Accredited Hand Therapist?

To find an AHT, refer to Find an Accredited Hand Therapist page on this website.

If you cannot locate an Accredited Hand Therapist near you, please email us via enquire@ahta.com.au and we will put you in touch with an Associate Member. 

An Associate member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association may be working towards gaining the credential of Accredited Hand Therapist, or may be an experienced therapist who for personal reasons has decided to remain as an Associate. All members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association are committed to best-practice and continual development and learning.

*Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)