Have you considered volunteering?

Participation as a volunteer provides opportunity to build a national and international network of hand therapy practitioners. It is rewarding and satisfying, knowing that you are contributing to the profession and others coming along behind you. It provides a great chance to lead and collaborate and it also looks fantastic on your resume, demonstrating to employers and colleagues your committment to the profession and your wealth and breadth of knowledge.

What roles are available?

A: Management Committee

There are currently eight members on the Management Committee. Each of these members oversees a portfolio and chairs a committee. Collectively the Management Committee members: set strategic direction; oversee the associations governance requirements; oversee performance and report to the membership. 

Applications are invited to fill two vacancies on the Management Committee: 

1. Membership Portfolio Officer

2. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Portfolio Officer, formerly referred to as the State and Territory Affairs Portfolio Officer.

Find below the relevant role descriptions:

Committee Chair - this applies to both roles

Membership Portfolio Officer

SIGs Portfolio Officer

For more information about the Management Committee, find at this link the Management Committee Handbook.

To apply:

Complete and return the Management Committee Nomination Form by 5.00 pm AEST on Friday 13 August 2021.

B: Other Committees

The Management Committee is advised and supported by five Committees:

  • Credentialing Council
  • Finance Audit and Risk Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Membership Committee and
  • Education Committee.

You may prefer to gain experience on one of these committees before applying for a Management Committee role.  

Currently there are vacancies on the Membership Committee. 

Find at this link the Membership Committee Terms of Reference which includes the purpose, goals and objectives of the Committee. For information on the current members of the Membership Committee refer to https://www.ahta.com.au/membership

To apply:

Email the ceo@ahta.com.au indicating your interest to join this committee, along with your CV.

C: Other roles

If these roles don't suit you, please email the ceo@ahta.com.au and ask to be added to our volunteer waitlist. As positions become available, you will get contacted to establish suitability.