Have you considered nominating for a role on the AHTA Management Committee?

Participation as a volunteer provides opportunity to build a national and international network of hand therapy practitioners. It is rewarding and satisfying, knowing that you are contributing to the profession and others coming along behind you. It provides a great chance to lead and collaborate and it also looks fantastic on your resume, demonstrating to employers and colleagues your committment to the profession and your wealth and breadth of knowledge.

The Association is seeking nominations to the position of President Elect. Hamish Anderson will become President and the President-Elect position will become vacant. The Presidency is a six year term: two years as President-Elect, two years as President and two years as Past President. Please refer to the Position Description at the link above and contact Hamish at president-elect@ahta.com.au or the office enquire@ahta.com.au if you have questions.

To apply, you must complete and return a Nomination Form by 5.00pm AEST on 15 October 2020.

In addition, the AHTA has several Management Committee positions that will become vacant at the next Annual General Meeting of the Association, on Saturday 31 October 2020. Refer to the position description for each role, linked below:

Professional Practice and


You are welcome to contact the current portfolio holder by via the name of the portfolio@ahta.com.au or the office via enquire@ahta.com.au if you have questions.  

To apply, you must complete and return a Nomination Form by 5.00pm AEST on 15 October 2020.

Are you looking for other options?

If you feel that you are not quite ready for a Management Committee position, try a role on one of our Committees or small project roles.

Please click on the title of the role you are interested in for its job description. To apply for a role please email the office enquire@ahta.com.au.

Professional Practice Committee

Deputy Chair

Digital Education Coordinator

Course Presenter and Participant Liaison

Membership Committee

Video Editor