1.Advocacy Committee 
 Lara Griffiths, Chair TAS  
 Jane Aarons VIC 
 Barb Hall WA 
 Jason Fairclough NSW 
 Sath Segran WA 
 Collete Zemljic QLD 
 Chen Li NSW 
 Wendy Rowland, CEO 
2.Professional Practice Committee 
 Helena Hayes - Chair 
 Michele Chim - Deputy Education Officer 
 Sally Colwell - Course Devloper 
 Shanna Mahomed - Elective Devloper 
 Jessica Holding - Accrediation Coordinator 
 Nicole Odewahn - Presenter and Participant Liaison 
 Jade Webb - Digital Education Coordiantor 
 Kerri Torney - Staff 
 2.1Research and Scholarship Sub-Committee 
  Rebecca Crowley - Chair 
  Andrea Bialocerkoswki 
  Nicola Massey-Westropp 
  Dr Lauren Miller 
  Dr Susan Peters 
  Sarah Dixon - Staff 
 2.2Conference Sub-Comittee 
  Stuart Wilson - Chair 
  Romy Steele 
  Taya Klisowki 
  Jessica Chan 
  Laura Cowling 
  Melita Ryan 
  Lani McAuliffe 
 2.3State and Territories Sub-Committee 
3. Membership Committee 
 Liz Giuffre - Chair 
 Dave Parsons - Credentialing Council Officer 
 Jo Hetherington - Newsletter Editor 
 Liz Giuffre - State and Territory Affairs 
 Jacki Shannon - Marketing 
 Amanda Robertson - eNews 
 Nicarlia Finch - Social Media 
 Gladys Tay - Google group Coordinator 
 Belinda Hession - Blog Coordinator 
 Jasmine Cameron - Student Liason 
 Sarah Dixon - Staff 
4.Finance, Audit, Risk and Governance Committee (FARG)
 Payal Allan, Chair Independent member
 Rosie Koh - Treasurer 
 Olga Alkin - Secretary 
 Sope DalleyIndependent member
 Anja AhaleIndependent member
 Wendy Rowland - CEO