Special Interest Groups

We have opportunities available for members to learn from one-another, connect and collaborate.

1. State and Territory events

Each State and Territory in Australia has a dedicated group of volunteers (Divisional Coordinators) who coordinate local face to face events for new and existing members and for those non members of our community who want to get to know a little more about the world of hand therapy. These events are also commonly available via online (Zoom meeting) access to ensure we can connect with our rural and remote therapists. These events aim to combine education and friendship and are usually held of an evening throughout the year.

For details on these events, visit our events page or email your local divisional coordinator. 

2. Online forums

Our online forums allow members to post questions and comments to assist one-another with clinical or business-related issues.

We have three options available.

Option 1: The Australian Hand Therapy (Google) Group

This group was set up in 2014 and is our longest running clinical interest group. If you haven't already joined and you would like to email enquire@ahta.com.au.

Option 2: The Australian Hand Therapy Public Health Group 

This group aims to provide a forum for clinical and professional discussion between members working in public health (including private hospitals). If you would like to email enquire@ahta.com.au. Refer also to Public Health Special Interest Group page.

Option 3: The Australian Hand Therapy Private Practice Owners Group 

This group aims to provide a forum for discussion about issues that relate to operating a practice. You must be a private practice owner to join this group. If you would like to email enquire@ahta.com.au.


View The Divisional Coordinators for States and Territories