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Professional Education

The AHTA is committed to providing professional education opportunities for its members at both national and divisional levels. These CPD events are open to Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists and, in some instances, undergraduates of either profession.


The AHTA Certificate courses in Hand Splinting and Hand Trauma have been developed at a national level and are made available to hand therapists at major centres throughout Australia.

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At the national level the Association holds annual conferences over three days, with an acknowledged international expert on upper extremity conditions as keynote speaker every two years.

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  • INTEREST GROUP MEETINGS. At the divisional level, the various state interest groups hold regular meetings, workshops or seminars on a broad range of hand therapy related topics. Click here for Divisional Meeting Calendar
  • NATIONAL WEBINARS. In March 2012 the AHTA launched it's National Webinar program. This Short for web-based seminars; webinars consist of visual elements delivered from your computer with audio. Webinars allow us to present and interact with an audience anywhere in the world at any time. These are live events, requiring no travel to a venue, purely access to an online computer. The AHTA webinar program is additional to each states face to face in-servicing program. Members receive the benefit of sharing ideas nationally on a monthly basis. The webinar experience involves: Viewing of power point presentation slides, Listening to a live presentation, Communicating interactively with the organiser or the presenter, and Gaining responses to questions at the conclusion of the presentation. Click here to view the National Webinars timetable.
  • POST GRADUATE COURSES. Some information is available on this site relating to post-graduate opportunities in hand therapy at various Australian universities. N.B. Details are provided for information only - no responsibility will be accepted for the accuracy and currency of the information. Anyone interested in such post-graduate study is advised to contact the school concerned to obtain up-to-date information. Click here to view Post Graduate Opportunities
  • ONLINE COURSES. The AHTA has partnered with Exploring Hand Therapy to provide AHTA members with discounted rates to the following online course via a promotional code.
    Wrist Secrets: This course comprises 3 parts which total 11.25 contact hours.
    For further details on these courses click www.liveconferences.com
  • AHTA ACCREDITATION OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES. The AHTA has developed a set of guidelines for those wishing to have a course or courses accredited by the Association. These can be courses developed by AHTA members for the AHTA to run, or from third party organisations that wish to have the AHTA lend support for their courses. All questions regarding course accreditation should be directed to the AHTA Education Portfolio Officer at info@ahta.com.au.  


The inclusion of the following courses and/or workshops (if any) on the AHTA web site in no way implies endorsement of them by the AHTA. Paid promotional ads are indicated accordingly. Click here to view Workshops/Courses Store.