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AHTA Mentors

ACT: Cara Gilbert craigandcara@gmail.com Phone: 0490 352 440

NSW: Cathy Merry cathymmerry@hotmail.com Phone: (02) 46 26 1333 and Naomi White naomiw@sapphirephysio.com.au Phone: (02) 64 920 023

QLD/NT: Joanne O'Sullivan jo@toowoombahandtherapy.com.au Phone: (07) 4638 1222 and Catherine Chong catherlicity@hotmail.com Phone: 0432 037 452

SA: Suzanne Caragiannis suzanne_caragianis@bigpond.com Phone: (08) 8277 9667

VIC/TAS: Hamish Anderson hamish@andersonhandtherapy.com.au Phone: 0413 426 474 Susie Ellis susiecue22@hotmail.com Phone: 0407 981 368

WA: Helen Fitzgerald hfitzgerald@inhand.net.au Phone: 0412 288 593 and Emma Staples emmatstaples@gmail.com  Phone 08 9272 1424

Mentoring for upgrading membership applications
  • As part of the process of applying for Membership, applicants are required to ‘be recommended by a Member of the AHTA, or member of AHSS (AHTA By-Laws).
  • The role of a current Member who recommends an Associate is to:
    1. Support your application
    2. Provide a character reference
  • When upgrading from Associate to Member the applicant must have both a letter of recommendation from a Member and also have their application approved by their State Mentor.
  • Some associates do not have access to a Member where they work or in their regional areas. In these circumstances the AHTA State Mentors are available to support and mentor Associates in their application for Membership, as well as approve their application.
  • All applicants applying for Membership are required to contact the AHTA State Mentor prior to lodging their application.
  • Once your mentor has signed the ‘AHTA Mentor approval of application’ form, your application should then be submitted with your Membership documentation and PD Evidence to the Membership Secretary. By doing this the State Mentor acts as the first of 3 reviewers on the application review panel.