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Wrist Secrets Online Course

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 Wrist Secrets Online Course
Price: $poa

Online Course offer available to AHTA members: The following course has been provided at a discount to AHTA members.

Wrist Secrets This course comprises 3 parts which total 11.25 contact hours. Completion of this online course (and exam) provides 11.25 hours credit under ongoing education for renewing/applying for AHTA membership. (you will need to have received a pass certificate from the online exam included in the package, as proof of course completion).

This course agreement between Exploring Hand Therapy and AHTA, allows our members to receive a 30% discount on this course.

Just follow these steps: 

  • Go to http://www.liveconferences.com
  • Click on Hand Therapy under the product/ course categories
  • Type wrist into the search bar
  • You will then see Wrist Secrets - Parts 1-3 Package Promotion ( there are other online courses, but this is the one the AHTA have secured the deal on)
  • Click purchase now
  • Make sure you select your format (if you select CD Rom or DVD only, you will have to pay postage)
  • Click add to cart, NB: Make sure when you put your details in you enter the code auwrist into the promo code box, to ensure the special price