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Honorary Members

Honoured AHTA Membership is an honour bestowed by the Association.

Honorary membership may be granted to a person, nominated by a Member of the Association, who is of acknowledged eminence in some activity related to Hand Therapy or who, by reason of position, eminence or experience, has rendered outstanding service in promoting the growth and development of the Association, but is no longer an active member of the Association, or is not eligible for Member or Associate membership of the Association.

The AHTA wishes to acknowledge it's Honorary members:
  • Jill Butchers (1987)
  • Esther May (1989)
  • Cynthia Nicol (2005)
  • Matt Woods (2007)
  • Ray Huttenmeister (2007)

Nominations for Honorary membership shall be:

i) Proposed and seconded by Members of the AHTA
ii) Accompanied by a citation in support of the nomination
iii) Submitted to the Management Committee
iv) Voted on by the Management Committee
v) Announced at the next AGM of the Association, where the citation shall be read and a certificate presented, by the President of the Association, to the person being honoured.
The citations for these honoured members will soon be available.