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Hand Therapy Week Ideas


4th - 10th June 2018

What is Hand Therapy Awareness Week?

Hand Therapy Awareness Week is an integrated national program supported by the AHTA.  For one week, AHTA members sponsor and organise events, give radio interviews, hold department parties etc. in their local communities, promoting the benefits of the profession and the services they provide.

What are the benefits of Hand Therapy Awareness Week?

Hand Therapy Awareness Week brings the benefits of the hand therapy profession to new audiences – demonstrating the advantages of prevention and treatment procedures for patients who have been affected by an accident or trauma, and educating the public.

How can I get involved?

There are many things you could do to help raise awareness of the profession in your region.  Here are some ideas:


The week prior to Awareness week

  • Goggle the phone number for your local radio stations/ newspapers/ TV stations
  • Call and ask for the news room, let them know it’s Hand Therapy Awareness Week next week and ask for an email address to send your media release to
  • Email it through
  • Call again to follow up until they give you a definite yes or no.
  • Keep a record of the details for future opportunities.

If the media agree to an interview:

  • Agree a suitable time for the interview/ photo
  • Review the key messages in the release
  • Practice the answers to common questions such as:
    • What is Hand Therapy Awareness Week
    • What is a Hand Therapist
  • If the media come to you to take a photo think about:
    • Where - Which clinic room has the best light or do you have signage to stand next to
    • What props you could use and who will be in the photo.
  • If you are asked to supply a photo, ensure that:
    • It is at least 1mb in size.
    • It is taken in a room with good light
    • The main person in the photo is in focus
    • Perhaps the main person is holding a prop or standing by your logo.


AHTA Hand Therapy Awareness Week posters and flyers

Next steps

  • Decide which size and how many you would like printed
  • Get a quote to print
  • Distribute them in your community, in your clinic, GP clinics, sports club notice boards etc
  • Email them to patients and health care professionals
  • Hand them out to your patients



An AHTA Hand Therapy Awareness Week Facebook banner and a selection of awareness week graphics

  • Share all or some of these on your business and personal social media platforms, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Change your Facebook banner for the week
  • You might like to ‘boost’ these posts with some targeted Facebook advertising to increase the reach of the post



  • Organise a morning/ afternoon tea at your clinic to celebrate Hand Therapy Awareness Week and invite patients, colleagues, suppliers and other allied health professionals along
  • Host a professional development seminar for your colleagues and other allied health professionals
  • Offer a free drop in clinic to patients and their friends/ family on a certain day during HTAW.   This would generate an increase in awareness of your services and the patient may return for follow up consults/ rehab
  • Advise sporting groups – visit and offer advice to players and coaches on ho to effectively manage hand and upper limb injuries.
  • Promote you events - via direct email, in person or via social media to achieve results with a limited budget



We have created a Hand Therapy Awareness Week images that you can cut and paste into the signature of your emails.

Here is a link to a step-by-step guide on how to do it CLICK HERE


Resources are now available for 2018!

Click on the links below to download at your convenience

?Take time to recognize the work you do and join AHTA in celebrating.

Promote the hand therapy profession in your clinic and community using the ideas listed below. Have a creative way to celebrate Hand Therapy Awareness Week? Send us an email or message us on Facebook!

Hold a clinic-wide kick-off party Monday (the first day of Hand Therapy Week) and invite a respected colleague to talk about how important hand therapy is to the healthcare arena.

Record a Hand Therapy Week message on the clinic answering machine. Ask you staff to answer the phone with "Good morning and Happy Hand Therapy Week.... ".

Ask your clinic or community Chamber of Commerce to take out an ad announcing Hand Therapy Week in your local newspaper.

Offer the services of your staff to speak to local groups, such as schools, gyms, the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary and Lion's Clubs.

Organise a Hand Therapy Week celebration team -- be certain to include a representative from as many areas as possible, like the receptionist -- and hold a brainstorming session. Some of the best ideas come from brainstorming.

Send a special "thank you" letter or message to your patients and doctors you work with.

Recognise your hard-working hand therapists with a certificate of appreciation.

Hold an appreciation dinner for your hand therapy staff.

Distribute a special Hand Therapy Awareness bulletin or newsletter. Feature photos and articles on your celebration ideas.

Sponsor a Hand Therapy Awareness Week poster contest and have employees' children and local schools participate. Not only will you get great designs you can display, you'll educate children at an early age on the value of hand therapy.

Be sure all therapists are aware of Hand Threapy Awareness Week. Encourage them to suggest ways to observe it.