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Q.  What should I include in my letter of recommendation (applying for Member status or upgrading to Member status only) ?

A.  Letter of recommendation should include:

  • Statement that the person recommends you for Membership
  • How long you have known each other?
  • How you have demonstrated an interest in hand theapy? and any additional information you feel is relevant to relevant to your application.
Q.  Are my membership fees due on the 31st December each year or on my anniversary date of approval?

A.  Most members renewal fees are due on either the 31st December or the 30 June, if you are using our 6 monthly payment option.  However, if you joined after July 2010, your membership fees are due on the anniversary date of your approval by the Membership Secretary.  For eg, If your membership was approved on the 21st October, this is the date your fees will be due each year.  You can of course take up the 6 monthly option after your first full year of membership.

Q: I think I have all the documents for my full membership application but its too large to send?

Scan into 3 documents,

  1. A PDF which includes the relevant application forms (degree, AHPRA rego, letter of recommendation, work hours verification etc)
  2. A word document of your CPD evidence form (it needs to work so that the 3 reviewers can edit the document to tick each item off)
  3. A PDF with each of your CPD appendices/references scanned in order. It helps if you can handwrite the appendices number on the top corner of each sheet before you scan them so their order is easy to follow.

If you don’t have vast amounts pages of appendices this could be one PDF or if you have loads you can divide it into sections like the table and scan each PDF ie. Formal Courses – Supporting Documents PDF, Contributions to the profession – Supporting Documents PDF etc

These 3-5 documents can then be placed in a ZIP folder and emailed directly or as a dropbox link

Q.  I have moved from overseas and would like to join the AHTA.  Can my past membership to another counry's Hand Therapy Association assist in my application?

Yes - Conferred Membership means that Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, working in Australia , who are members of Hand Therapy associations in countries, which are IFSHT members, may be accepted as Members of the AHTA upon:

  1. Provision of a reference and statement of recommendation from a Member of the AHTA or a Member of AHSS
  2. Proof of current membership to an IFSHT organisation or of having passed a procedure for membership, in their own country, of equal rigor to Australian requirements
  3. Conferred Member Employment Verification Form and a Conferred Member 3 Month Log

AHTA also recognises current CHT. Current certification meets the CPD criteria for receiving Membership to the association, however, Membership requires a 12 months Associate membership to the Association. "Conferred membership", as discussed above means you would be able to waive this requirement.

Q.  If I have completed post-graduate studies that are not listed on the Membership Requirement Guidelines on the website how can I use these for credit points when applying for Membership?

Your application should include the university hours in the Formal Courses Section ie.  Postgraduate university studies that specifically address the theory, evaluation and treatment of the  UE. (Refer to Post Graduate Education Table of the application guidelines).

The membership secretary updates this table so please contact Membership@ahta.com.au if you have done a formal course not listed so that we can update the guidelines and make them more relevant for all members.

Hours cannot be claimed for units such as evaluation and research unless projects specific to UE are stated. A maximum of 10 points may be awarded for each project, essay, poster.

Use the Post Graduate Education Table as a guide to what is fair for you to claim. Acceptable proof for each of these is outlined in the acceptable proof section found on the website Post Graduation Table. These credit points/hours would then be reviewed by the membership secretary on provision of evidence / a course outline stating UL content.

Q.  What are the maternity allowances when applying for Membership of the AHTA?

Allowance for clinical hours and professional development hours of up to 1 year per child. Copy of Birth Certificate or letter from employer must be submitted.  The 1-year extension commences from the time you take your maternity leave.

Q.  I have taken maternity leave from work and I am finding it difficult to complete the requirements for my CPD Log to maintain my Member Status.  what are my options?

A.  CPD Log requirements:

(d) Members are required to comply with the Continuing Membership Obligations and shall achieve the minimum following criteria within two years from the commencement of their obligation period:

(i)   400 hours of upper extremity hand therapy work experience (see Appendix 3c - Maintaining Membership Log Scoring Guidelines Catergory 1: Hand Therapy Work Experience and a total of 18 credits per 2-year obligation period, comprising:

- 12 credits from ongoing educational activities (see Appendix 3c - Maintaining Membership Log Scoring Guidelines – Category 2)

- 6 credits from contributions to the profession (see Appendix 3c - Maintaining Membership Log Scoring Guidelines – Category 3).

Option 1: When CPD or work experience hours have been achieved, you can request Special Circumstances - Maternity Leave.  An allowance for clinical hours with an extension of up to 1 year per child with written proof of leave may be granted on request (Birth Certificate required)

Option 2: If the CPD or work experience hours, even with tan extra 12 months per child, have not been obtained you can temporarily downgrade your membership. An Associate who has previously been a Member, prior to downgrading, may then be reinstated as a Member on presentation of 18 credit points and 400 clinical hours within a two year period so long as this application to reinstate occurs within 4 years from the date of downgrading.

Q.  I would like to register for an AHTA Course but I would also like to apply for membership, should I register first to secure a spot?

No- the application process for Associate membership of the AHTA has been streamlined and if all the criteria for application are met, we should have your application through within a couple of days.  Once your membership fees have been paid and your application has been finalised, you would be eligible to register for a course as an Associate.