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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Renew your Membership?

Membership fees are due on the 30 June or the 31 December each year for most members.  However, if you joined after July 2010, your membership fees are due on the anniversary date of your membership approval.  For eg, if you were approved by the membership secretary on the 21 September 2017 then your fees are due for 12 months from this date. 

It is vitally important that your contact details are current.  Please see details on how to pay here:

$ 210.00 Incl. GST           6 Monthly payment  

$ 405.00 Incl. GST           12 Monthly payment

Direct deposit details: Australian Hand Therapy Association Inc. BSB: 086 288 Acc Nº: 167475331 Include your surname as payment ID

Payment via: Credit Card Visa /  MasterCard Contact Sarah at the office to pay by Credit Card. Tel:  08 9755 0416, Email: info@ahta.com.au

Please note that at present due to the remote location of the AHTA Office in WA I am unable to accept a cheque as payment method.  My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The fastest and easiest way to renew your commitment to AHTA is to renew online. You will need your membership login and password. and then simply click on the link below: http://www.ahta.com.au/site/index.cfm?module=MYSITE  and head to the Administration area, if you are due to renew, hit the GREEN button and then select either 6 months or 12 months membership and follow the very simple steps that follow. Its as easy as that!
Will I recieve a paper invoice?

Please note that we no longer post out paper invoices.  The renewal reminders are computer generated and they are sent at 1 months, 2 weeks, 1 week and 1 day reminders before the date of expiry through the AHTA Website and they include an invoice you can download should you wish to.  If you didn't receive these reminders please check your email address is correct in the members only area of the website.  This is vitally important for you to continue to receive these reminders in the future.  Also check your junk and spam to see if the reminders went there and ensure you add them to your email address books to avoid this happening in the future.

How do I access information from the website library?

I encourage members who are looking for information/forms/resources, to check out the Library section on the website. With a few simple steps you will have the information you require! Don’t forget:

  • You must be logged in as a member as there are minimal resources on the public section of the site.
  • On the home page click on Resources.
  • Click on Library.
  • Go to the select a category search bar. Click the arrow on the side to access all categories.
  • Click on the category you require to highlight it in blue, and then click the select button. The website will show all available information in this category.
  • All you need to do is click on the item you require and it will be shown! The information can be read directly or printed off as pdf documents.

Important categories in the library at present are Philanthropic Activities, Meeting Minutes, the Orthosis-Splint Schedule, and Management Committee Job Descriptions.
If you are having any concerns, please contact the AHTA Office on info@ahta.com.au.

How do I advertise with the AHTA?

Click on this link to take you to our Advertise with the AHTA page on the website.

How do I access the AHTA Webinars after the event?

You can access the AHTA Webinars from our website by following these steps:

- Login to the members only area of the website.
- Click on "Education and work" tab on the bottom of the page (second green tab)
- Left hand side you will see green button saying "Professional Education", just hover over this and then you will see a submenu come up
- Select National Webinars.

Should now be on the correct page to access webinars, slides and CPD Survey and certificates.

Ho many CPD hours do I get for presenting a national webinar?

A huge 6 CPD hours are allocated to the presenter!

Do the presenters have intellectual Property rights?

So far our presenters have been happy to allow permission for us to store their presentations and slides in our SECURE Members only section. The National Webinars were created as member/associate member only events, which provides some level of security. The rest is down to how much you as a presenter would like to contribute by way of your presentation being available afterwards for members to view.

If permission is granted then of course it helps the AHTA to continue to engage with our rural/remote Members or for members who simply aren't able to attend on the night but have the opportunity to then view at a later date at their convenience. We do however also understand if presenters wish not place their presentations on the website.

As An AHTA Webinar Presenter, what do I need to do to prepare?

Time and date? When it suits you! as the presenter we will work around you and your current commitments. However, being able to present in the early evening for most members means we have more engagement.

In order to run through how to use the webinar I would need about 20mins of your time and have prepared a guideline for the presenters, which is pretty easy to follow.

In order to gain as much exposure as possible it would be good to have a date, time and topic along with a short paragraph on what the presentation would be about approx 1 month prior. We can of course be flexible with this...

feel free to contact the AHTA office at info@ahta.com.au for further help and assistance.

How do I contact the AHTA Office?

You have a few options, click here Contact Us or send an email directly to Sarah Dixon, Executive Support Manager at info@ahta.com.au or telephone: 08 9755 0416

Where is the office based and what days does the AHTA Office operate?

The AHTA Office is based in Western Australia and operates Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 3:00pm.  Please leave an email or telephone message at any other time and they will be dealt with as soon as possible. (please be aware of time difference if contacting by telephone)

I have forgotten my Username and / or password, what do I do?

click here Contact Us or send an email directly to Sarah Dixon, Executive Support Manager at info@ahta.com.au or telephone: 08 9755 0416

I have recently changed my contact details at work / home who do I need to inform?

Firstly edit your details on your own profile by entering the members only section with your username and password and then click to edit your account.  Then send an email directly to Sarah Dixon, Executive Support Manager at info@ahta.com.au or telephone: 08 9755 0416 to update the office records.

I wish to apply for Associate / Meber status with the the AHTA what documents are required?

For information on Joining the AHTA please click here Join the AHTA.  After completing your online membership form please ensure you forward ALL relevant documents to the AHTA Office in order for your application to be processed promptly. 

If I apply for AHTA Membership after the 1st of July, what will the fee be?

Your fees will be calculated annually from the date your Membership was approved by the Management Committee (if you joined after July 2010).  For example, you became an associate member on the 1st August so you will be required to pay the annual renewal fee on the 1st August the following year.  You will be notified by email when fees are due to be renewed.

Why do I only have guest access on the Science Direct link through the members only section>

In order to gain full access you are required to enter a username and password in the top right hand corner of the website.  Please contact the office at info@ahta.com.au or telephone: 08 9755 0416 for details (Associate/Members only)

When is the next Interest Group Meeting being held in my state?

Please click here, Divisional Meetings

I have taken maternity leave from work and am finding it difficult to complete the requirements for my CPA Log to maintain full membership. What are my options?

 A.  CPA Log requirements:

(d)  Members are required to comply with the Continuing Membership Obligations and shall achieve the minimum following criteria within two years from the commencement of their obligation period:

(i)    400 hours of upper extremity hand therapy work experience (see Appendix 1 - Continuing Professional Activities (CPA) Scoring Guidelines – Category 1)

(ii)     Continuing Professional Activities (CPA): a total of 18 credits per 2-year obligation period, comprising:

-   12 credits from ongoing educational activities (see Appendix 1 - Continuing Professional Activities Scoring Guidelines – Category 2)

-   6 credits from contributions to the profession (see Appendix 1 - Continuing Professional Activities Scoring Guidelines – Category 3)

Option 1: When CPA hours have been achieved, but not clinical hours. You can request Special Circumstances - Maternity Leave. An allowance for clinical hours with an extension of up to 1 year per child with written proof of leave may be granted on request.

Option 2: If the CPA hours have also not been obtained you can temporarily downgrade your membership. An Associate who has previously been a Member, prior to downgrading, may then be reinstated as a Member on presentation of 18 credit points and 400 clinical hours within a two year period so long as this application to reinstate occurs within 4 years from the date of downgrading.

How do I access Science Direct and what is the Username and password?

This is the process you need for accessing the Science Direct journals:

- Log in to AHTA website www.ahta.com.au and enter the members only section.
- Notice on left hand side that you now have subheading for Science Direct. Click on that.
- You can then click on any of the links for journals (this will take you to the Science Direct Web page)
- Head to the top right of the Science Direct website, you'll notice you have guest access only which allows you a summary of the journals, click login button.
- Enter username: Please contact the office at info@ahta.com.au or telephone: 08 9755 0416 for details

How do I access the EBSCO Page?

- Login in to Members only section of the AHTA website, select EBSCO and enter your initial search in the search bos, then click search

How do I save my own individual searches?

- Once on the EBSCO page you will see on the top right banner "Sign in", Click this.
- On right hand side click "create a new account"
- Follow the on screen prompts to create you own account, this will become your own private account.
- Now click either continue or Login and you will go back to the results screen. You will notice that the EBSCO host icon in the top left now has a yellow banner saying "MY". This indicates that you are in your account.
- now you will notice that if you save your search to folder it will go into the folder top right banner. Click this at any time to retrieve your work.
- You can save, share, set alerts, set as presentations and much more so have a go at experimenting.
- You can not only save your searches, but your journals and documents too.

My CPD Log is due on the 31 Dec.  Where do I find the forms and guidelines?  Where do I forward it to?

- Login in to the Members only section of the website and head over to our CPD Tracker Information page, or click here to go straight to the page  CPD TRACKER.  Once completed forward your CPD LOG to:  Sarah Dixon by email:  info@ahta.com.au

AHTA Policy on Cancellation/Refunds of Workshop fees which can be found on the Workshop and Courses page of the website.

AHTA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event. If this occurs all monies will be refunded to the registrant. Should a registrant be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome and should contact the AHTA Administration Manager. A refund (less 30% to cover the administration costs) will be given for a written cancellation received 10 working days prior to the event. Cancellation after this will be ineligible for a refund.
All registrants will be notified in writing by e-mail to confirm a place or to advise if their name has been placed on a waiting list for each seminar/workshop. If a registrant has not received this confirmation 7 days prior to the seminar please contact the AHTA Office Manager (info@ahta.com.au). If an event is cancelled, all registrants will be notified either by phone or e-mail.

Q.  I would like to register for an AHTA Course but I would also like to apply for membership, should I register first to secure a spot?

A.  No- the application process for membership of the AHTA has been streamlined and with all the criteria for application being met, we should have your application through within a couple of days.  Once your membership fees have been paid and your application has been finalised, you would be eligible to register for a course as a member.  With online registration and payment, this is the preferred process.