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Handling Of Complaints Policy

Complaints made by a colleague or a member of the public about a therapist who is a member of Australian Hand Therapy Association are to be re directed to the correct organisation.

For all states and territories (with the exception of NSW and Queensland),  concerns about a registered health practitioner may be lodged with AHPRA, which receives them on behalf of a National Board (Occupational Therapy Board or Physiotherapy Board of Australia). Concerns can be lodged by telephone (1300 419 495), in writing in a notifications form (sent in hard copy), or in person at an AHPRA office.

AHPRA makes a preliminary assessment of each matter lodged to establish that it:

  • relates to a registered practitioner, and
  • relates to a matter that is a ground for notification.

If these criteria are met, it is considered a notification under the National Law and it is assessed by a National Board.

In New South Wales,   the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) is the body that receives complaints. For a complaint about something that happened in NSW go to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission  website for more information.

The complaint must be in writing.  Complaints may be lodged online or by downloading a complaint form. Alternatively, a letter may be written and sent to the Commission via mail, email or fax.

In Queensland, all complaints about Queensland health practitioners will be received by the Office of the Health Ombudsman (OHO). A complaint about the health, conduct or performance of a registered health practitioner may be made by calling 133 646 (133 OHO).

The Health Ombudsman is responsible for managing serious complaints relating to the health, conduct and performance of health practitioners, and will determine which complaints go to AHPRA and the national boards after assessing their severity. The Health Ombudsman must also report on the performance of AHPRA and the national boards in Queensland.

 A complaint to the Office of the Health Ombudsman by:

  • calling 133 OHO (646)

Code of Conduct

The AHTA also has a Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct is applicable to all persons who have an affiliation with the Association, click to view the Code of Conduct