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The AHTA Conference has four annual prizes and sponsors the Amy Geach Award:

  • The Jill Chapman award for Best Clinical Paper
  • Australian Hand Surgery Society Prize for Best Research Paper
  • The Leanne Breen Memorial Award for Best Poster (dedicated in 2010)
  • Founders Lecture - Award
  Jill Chapman Award for Best Clinical Paper Australian Hand Surgery Society Prize Leanne Breen Memorial Award for Best Poster Founders Lecture Award Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award Roylan Award for Best Poster for Research in Hand Therapy for treatments specifically using thermoplastic materials

 Ashleigh Andrews:

Interactive Digital Media: Training Our Future Hand Therapists



Narelle Watson:

A randomised controlled trial comparing one, three or six weeks of immobilisation on function and pain following open reduction and internal fixation for distal radius fractures in adults.

Ray Jongs:

Extensor Tendon Excursion in the Phalanges – Clinical application to rehabilitation programmes


 Jenny Ball  

Luke Robinson:

Orthotic management of fixed flexion deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joint following traumatic injury: A systematic review



Hayley O’Sullivan: 

Neuromuscular rehabilitation improves   strength and reduces functional impairment following wrist injury.

Zoe Milner: 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: RMH model of care: improving patient outcomes.

Meg Schibli:

Joint hypermobility – a blessing or a    curse for the hand therapy patient?

Suzanne Caragiannis

Monash University:

3D printed hand prosthesis project


Erika Lassig and Trudie Diserens

"Insights into Domestic and Family Violence and Hand Therapy"

Elaine Leahy

"Early Active Treatment Approaches Following Zone V and IV Extensor Tendon Repair: A Prospective Comparison Study"

a) Cherie Aceto, Kirsten Cook and Sue Laracy

"Queensland Health State-Wide Implementation of a Primary Contact Occupational Therapist Hands Model of Care"

b) Yvonne Fellner and Stephanie Tawse

"Less Can Be More"

Anne Wajon    

Zoe Milner

"Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:  A new model of care improving patient outcomes."

Elizabeth Witherow

"Custom made finger orthoses have fewer skin compliations when compared to prefabricated finger orthoses in management of mallet injury:  A systematic Review and meta-analysis.

John Breckenridge

"Shoulder Left/Right Judgement Task:  Development And Establishment Of A Population Dataset.

Barbara Hall

Carmel Bain

"Rehab Minder - App"


Tanya Cole

“Occupational Therapy Hands E-Learning Package – the future in hand therapy education?”

Lauren Miller

“No difference between two types of exercise following proximal phalangeal fracture fixation: a randomised single-blind clinical trial”

Lin Taylor

Elbow tendinitis to tendinopathy to tendinosis: Does the purpose of kinesiotape fit this paradigm shift?”

Wilma Walsh

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, OT Depart“Occupational Therapy Hands E-learning Package (OTHELP)”

2013 Melissa Hirth "Hand-Based Swing Traction Splinting for Intra-Articular PIP Joint Fractures." Lisa O'Brien "Experiences of Australian Hand Therapists in Developing Capacity in Bangaldesh" Susan Peters "Persistent DRUJ Instability following Distal Radius Fractures due to Radial Translation Malunion:  A Case Study Presentation"      
2012 Jennie Graetz "Suicide: Is this relevant to Hand Therapists' Practice in Australia?" Lauren Miller "Recovery of motion after fixation of proximal phalangeal fracture" Adrienne Slaughter "Clinical complications of radiotherapy post plastic and reconstructive surgery"      

Jenny Ball "Addressing the Déjà vu and the Déjà Vague of staff education"

Celeste Glasgow ‘Exploring Time Dependent Parameters in Dynamic Splinting the stiff PIP Joint: The Importance of Duration of Treatment and Daily TERT’ Luke Elias, James Storman, Vanessa Grant "Trends and outcomes following rehabilitation of distal radius fractures at NSW Pubic Hospitals"      
2010 Barbara Hall & Brent Byrne "How traumatic is it to be waitlisted?"

 Zoe Milner "Hand function following Brand Transfer"

 Erika Lassig "Myth Busters - Does smoking affect wound healing"      
2009 Amy Geach "Pearls & pitfalls of marketing a hand therapy service" Lauren Miller "AROM following surgical fixation of finger PIP joints"        

Jenny Ball "Apophyseal injuries in teenage athletes: 2 cases of overuse"

Sandra Kay "Does an advice and exercise program improve outcome in distal radial fractures" Rebecca Beard, Ted Browne, Lisa O'Brien "Evaluation of functional recovery after acute hand injury"      
2007 IFSHT conference  IFSHT Conference        
2006  Ben Cunningham & Lisa O'Brien "CMC OA and carpal tunnel: the chicken or the egg"  Jill Thiele "Functional wrist splint for people with Chronic musculoskeletal wrist conditions"        
2005 Sue Shaw "Whirlpool - cleaning up our act"  Helen Burfield "A new management approach emphasising functional stability of lateral elbow for extensor tendinosis        
2004 Judith Morrin "Pre-triggering as a consequence of acute trauma"  Elizabeth Saleeba & Gary Alison "Patient compliance & spontaneous movements whilst following early active motion after flexor tendon repair"        
2003  Elizabeth Saleeba "A dynamic flexion splint & functional blocking splint for DIP joint"  Bev Trvithick "Muscle recruitment in normal shoulders during kayak stroke"        
2002  Catherine Menzies "Case study: the use of rings splints in a 37 y.o woman with psoriatic arthritis  Denise O'Connor "A systematic review of non surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome"        
2001  Elizabeth Ward "A case of mild carpal instability"  Judith Wilton "An investigation into the relationship between gross grip strength & the perception of upper limb pain        
2000  Daisy Kong "Therapy management of the replanted hand, a case study"  Dianne Wilson "Clinical factors associated with the efficacy of splinted in the painful osteoarthritic TMC joint"        
1999  Cathy Thomas "Turnbuckle splints"  Tracey Clark "Relationship between sensitivity & dexterity following digital nerve repairs"        
1995  Sandra Kay "Management of carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnant women"          
1994  Not awarded  Not awarded        
1993  Suzanne Caragianis "Functional hand use following multiple finger replantation"          
1992  Janet Dindler "Management of metacarpal injuries in sport"          
1991  Jenny Ball "Use of US to determine the success/failure of flexor tendon repairs"          
1990  Jenny Ball "Flexor tendon repairs"          
1989  Not awarded  Not awarded        
1988  Simone Everat for Promotion of Hand Therapy