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1.  Accredited Hand Therapist  as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association Applicants

The pathway to “Accredited Hand Therapist” has been developed to “formalise membership based on 100% assessable standards in hand therapy practice in Australia”, which in turn will strengthen the future of our professional scope of practice.

The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Providing a way of ensuring members meet minimum standards or levels of competence
  • Providing members with an opportunity to differentiate themselves from non-members in the market
  • Allows the AHTA to position members as being better practitioners or providing better services than the rest
  • Allows the AHTA to lobby key stakeholders such as insurers, referrers and the public
  • Provides a platform from which to lobby APA and OT Australia for recognition of scope of practice
  • Ensures the continued development and expansion of AHTA education courses, by incorporating these into the accreditation process as electives
  • The AHT credential is a guarantee for the community that their hand therapist professional is qualified to provide safe, evidence-based diagnosis, advice and treatment.

An Accredited Hand Therapist is an AHPRA registered physiotherapist or occupational therapist who

  • Is committed to the Relevant Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice
  • Engages in ongoing education and remains current in their practice
  • Can be subject to a complaints and disciplinary process if required as well as annual audits
  • Has meet the requirements for the Award of the AHT credential based on 100% assessable standards of practice and mentorship

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2. Associate Applicants

Click here to access the online Application Form and then forward a copy of your current AHPRA registration to info@ahta.com.au

3. Affiliate Applicants

Complete this Affiliate Membership Application Form and then forward to info@ahta.com.au (along with proof of student status if applicable)

4. Newsletter Subscriber

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