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Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award

The Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award was developed to recognise, showcase and share successful innovation in hand therapy that improves products and/or services.  We want to encourage a culture of innovation in the hand therapy industry and recognise the members that are creating wonderful ideas to ensure we are progressing.

Your innovative idea could be a number of things: a new product, a new way of measuring success, new education to consumers, or professionals, a new way to deliver a service, new technology and so on. The term 'Innovation' in this award refers to an idea or project that has changed the way hand therapy is delivered, and/or how it can be marketed. Innovation means the development or the usage of methods, materials, systems, technologies or services that are new and enhance the hand therapy industry.  It may include continuous improvement of existing methods, services or products to new standards.

This award is supported by the Australian Hand Therapy Association and Maida Learning. 

Here are the links for the entry & nomination forms for the 2017 Innovation Award:

Entry Form: Click Here NOW CLOSED

Nomination Form: Click Here NOW CLOSED



2017 Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innvovation Award Winner is the 3D Printed Prothesis Project

Congratulations to Lisa O'Brien & team at Monash University! 

The close runner up was the amazing team at:


Click here to access a video showcasing the finalists and their 2017 entries.