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2018 Annual Report

Throughout this report you will read about the activities of an association which is committed to “To advance the hand therapy profession ”.  You will be updated on the activities of the various portfolios within the management committee as well as individual highlights of members who have made an enormous contribution to the profession.

The AHTA is an organisation that supports therapists to make fundamental changes in the lifestyle of individuals with hand and upper limb conditions.  It is an association of occupational and physiotherapists who are clinical experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, managers.... who in their individual way contribute to the breadth and depth of hand therapy practice in Australia.

The AHTA management committee’s ambition was to deliver a clear strategic direction for the organisation with the mandate to deliver five key strategic objectives this year.  This report outlines how this has been delivered throughout 2018.  Please take the time to read, evaluate, absorb and appraise so that you can help us plan for the future.

 Please click here to download a copy of the AHTA Annual Report 2018