ASHT Clinical Assessment Recommendations - 3rd Edition Impairment - Based Conditions

Clinical Assessment Recommendations, 3rd Edition. was developed by a number of therapists across the globe, taking a monumental effort to bring to fruition.
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Quantifying function and activity participation in a systematic and reproducible manner is essential both in research and daily practice. Practitioners of Hand Therapy must assess the client's baseline physical status using reproducible, standardized tools and methods to ensure the validity, reproducibility and accuracy of the data they collect.

A vital component of hand therapy evaluation is the assessment of function in activities of daily living, work and leisure to identify areas of limitation. The use of valid assessment tools and measures can determine functional status, play a role in determining process and assist with goal setting.

The third edition of the Clinical Assessment Recommendations contains printed chapters, which cover materials unlikely to require frequent updating, such as assessment of edema, grip, pinch, pain, range of motion and sensibility. CAR also includes digital chapters, which cover the body of evidence on outcome measures and diagnosis-specific assessments, such as those related to the osteoarthritic hand, sympathetic function, tendon repairs and the burned hand.

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