Salary benchmarking report

As part of our ongoing commitment to our members and the hand therapy profession, the AHTA conducts a Salary Survey, known as the Salary Benchmarking Survey for Hand Therapy every two years. The survey was first completed in 2021 and has been completed again for 2023. A 2023 report will be available in March.

The Salary Benchmarking Report for Hand Therapy aims to provide information on remuneration practices across organisations that employ hand therapy practitioners in private and public settings. The survey targets a range of positions or career stages typically employed and includes the distinction between Accredited Hand Therapists and non-credentialed practitioners.

Key objectives for the Salary Bench-marking Survey for Hand Therapy include:

  • Collecting meaningful salary data from and for employers of hand therapy practitioners
  • Providing information on remuneration practices for positions where remuneration is likely to be a significant factor in attracting and retaining staff.
  • Enhancing an organisation’s ability to make strategic decisions about remuneration.
  • Identifying movements in salaries and benefits over time.

The report is provided complimentary to those practitioners that participated in the survey.

For those that did not participate in the survey, a copy of the report can be purchased in the Shop.