Research surveys

The AHTA may agree to distribute online research surveys, provided:

a) The researcher is a Member of the AHTA, NZHTA, AHSS, SESA or a Member of an affiliated Association of the IFSHT or IFSSH
b) The research is relevant to hand therapy
c) The survey contains participant information within the survey or as an information sheet (submit to the office with your request if applicable)
d) The research has ethics approval (please submit to the office with your request) *please see note below
e) The survey is reviewed by the Research and Scholarship subcommittee on a case by case basis and is deemed to be of high quality and support research in to hand therapy

The researcher in turn must agree to:

a) Acknowledge the assistance of the AHTA (in publication)
b) Provide a copy of the completed paper for the AHTA library
c) Present research findings at an AHTA conference, meeting or national webinar or provide a written summary for the AHTA newsletter.
d) Pay the AHTA the sum of $55 prior to distribution of the survey via eNews for non-AHTA Members. No fee for AHT Members of the AHTA.

In agreeing to distribute research surveys the AHTA does not endorse the views of the researcher or the content of the survey.

*Please note:  Re Ethics Approval

Ethics approval is actually required for any research (including surveys) that sources information from human participants.  This is true whether the information is being used for a presentation to a special interest group or surgeons even if the findings are not for publication or a research project.

Click here for further information detailing "What Human Research Requires Ethics Approval?" from the University of Newcastle.

To seek ethics approval click here for access to a list of registered ethics committees that you can apply to - it should go through quickly as a low-risk ethics application (LNR).