Research grants


The AHTA provides the following resources to facilitate and support the membership in the field of hand therapy research projects:

Grants are available annually for a total value of $15,000. Please refer to Lauren Miller's article at this link for assistance writing an application. How to apply for a research grant.

Please remember that successful candidates also have access to our very experienced team of research mentors who kindly volunteer their time to help our members.

Applications open on 1 January and close on 31 July annually.   

If you want assistance writing a submission or have questions, please email Jade Wong, President-Elect and Chair of the Research Committee.  

Research Grant Guidelines

Research Grant Application Form

Research grants available from other organisations:

Many varied grant opportunities are available for those who wish to undertake research projects.

Members may contact the AHTA research mentors (see below) for assistance in identifying grants in particular areas.  Those working in public institutions may also have access to a research office that can provide advice regarding grants.

A link to the Allied Health Professions Office of Queensland, Allied Health Research, Scholarship & Professional Development Funding Alert (this is updated monthly): Click Here