Regional and Remote Grants


The purpose of the Regional & Remote Grants are to foster accessible education for members living in regional and remote areas.  

There are six AHTA sponsored grants available and these grants provide support for the cost of registration to all AHTA courses and events, including conference up to the value of $750. These grants are not available for costs associated with travel, accommodation, and the time taken to attend. 

In addition, there is one Maurice Blackburn Lawyers sponsored grant available for registration costs associated with attending the AHTA Conference in Perth to the value of $750. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants must:  

  1. be a member of the AHTA for a minimum of three years before applying 
  2. permanently reside in a regional or remote location as per the ASGC classification 
  3. demonstrate how attending the selected course / event would assist them in their career and ongoing professional development 
  4. not have received an AHTA Regional and Remote Grant within a 3-year period 
  5. not have received funding from another body for the selected course or event. 

To apply 

Download the Application Form here.

These grants open on 15 December and close on 15 May each year.

The Application will not be considered if it is incomplete. The Application Form must be submitted via email by 11.59 pm on 15 May.

Terms and conditions 

The applicant must meet essential criteria and the application form must be complete.