Reaccreditation of an Accredited Hand Therapist ensures that the credentialed practitioner remains competent according to the criteria established by the Australian Hand Therapy Association Credentialing Council.

Reaccreditation provides assurance to the public that the AHT continues to meet the high standards set by the AHTA Credentialing Council. Reaccreditation ensures that the AHT maintains clinical competence after initial accreditation. It is the personal responsibility of each AHT to maintain, enhance and extend their knowledge, expertise and competence.


Applicants must: be a current AHT and apply for reaccreditation before their AHT expiry date (five years from approval).


In a five-year period, the AHT must provide evidence of the completion of:

  1. Hand Therapy Practice (2000 hours)
  2. Ongoing education – Congruent with AHPRA guidelines (100 hours)
  3. Contribution to the profession (25 hours).

Find two videos below that explain the requirements and the process for reaccreditation and includes individual scenarios.

  Video 1 – Requirements and process
  Video 2 – Individual scenarios



To apply for reaccreditation the applicant must provide evidence of the completion of the required hours within three categories. This evidence must be entered into the applicant's CPD Diary using the provided forms, before applying for reaccreditation. For further guidance, please find for viewing or download the Reaccreditation Guidelines.


Forms can be located on the 'Forms' page of the website.

When can I apply?

An application can be submitted up to eight months prior to the applicant’s AHT expiry date.


The reaccreditation fee is $250 (inc GST).

The table below provides the dates for those AHT’s that were credentialed as AHT’s in the “1 Jan 2018” cohort.


Application Type

Fee inc GST

1 Apr – 30 Jun 2022

Super early bird


1 Jul – 30 Aug 2022



1 Sep – 30 October 2022




The applicant must apply and pay for reaccreditation via the AHTA website. Do not apply unless you have met all of the requirements and you have all of the evidence to support your application. Incomplete applications will be 'rejected' and the applicant will be required to resubmit their application.

The applicant's CPD diary will be checked, and evidence verified by AHTA personnel on behalf of the Credentialing Council.

If the applicant has met all advertised requirements and evidence has been verified, applications will be submitted to the Credentialing Council for acceptance.

The Credentialing Council submit their recommendations to the Board for approval. 

When approved by the Board, the AHT will be advised and the AHT will be reaccredited for a further 5 years. 

The applicant's new five-year cycle will begin on the date of Board approval.

The approximate timeline is 2-3 months as Council and the Board meet every two months.

A video by Sarah Dixon 'Reaccreditation Made Easy' provides step by step instructions on how to add CPD entries and also how to submit your application. Please ensure you watch this before submitting your application, to ensure your application is complete and you have completed your application correctly.


Alternatives to reaccreditation

There are two alternatives to reaccreditation:

  1. Associate membership status

Associate membership is available for AHTs who do not meet reaccreditation requirements and do not want to lose their membership status permanently. Associate membership must be renewed annually.

  1. Retired status

The AHTA Credentialing Council has established the designation, AHT Retired, to provide a mechanism for the continued recognition of retired AHTs after they have withdrawn from professional practice. The AHT Retired designation is intended to recognize the AHT’s years of service and commitment to excellence in upper limb patient care.


If an applicant is unable to complete the requirements for reaccreditation by the date that their AHT credential expires, the applicant’s membership will be downgraded to Associate Member status.

Denial of application

The Board may resolve to deny the applicant reaccreditation as an AHT, if in the opinion of the Board, the AHT

  • has failed to comply with the requirements of reaccreditation
  • has been found to act dishonestly in the application for reaccreditation
  • has failed to comply with any code of behaviour or code of conduct of the AHTA
  • has acted in a manner that renders it undesirable that the Member continues to be a member where such action could include that the Member has acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the AHTA.

The Reaccreditation fee is not refundable regardless of the success or otherwise of the application to reaccredit. 

An applicant is welcome to re-apply within the 5 years at a cost of $75 inc GST.


The applicant may send a notice of grievance within 45 days of notification to the Chair of the Credentialing Council, setting out the proposed grievance and the grounds upon which it was based.

At least 28 days before the Credentialing Council meeting at which a grievance will be considered, the CEO must give the applicant written notice: stating the date, time and place of the meeting where the grievance will be considered; and that the applicant is entitled to attend the meeting or otherwise provide a verbal explanation and have an opportunity to discuss the matter with the Credentialing Council for its consideration before any decision is made. The Credentialing Council may invite the President to attend this meeting.

After considering any explanation, the Credentialing Council may uphold the decision to deny reaccreditation, may overturn the decision or may refer the grievance to the Board to make a final decision.

The CEO must give written notice to the Member of the decision as soon as reasonably possible.

There will be no liability for any loss or injury suffered by the Member as a result of any decision made in good faith.