Re-accreditation of the Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT) assures the public – patients, consumers, referrers, insurance companies and key stakeholders that the Hand Therapist continues to meet the high standards set by AHTA. This process will take place every 5 years. It is the responsibility of each Accredited Hand Therapist to maintain a log of Continued Professional Development and Upper Limb specific clinical time to demonstrate current knowledge and skills.

Procedure for Accredited Hand Therapists

1. The Accredited Hand Therapist must have worked 2000 hours in the 5 year period prior to re-accreditation. The Verification of Work Hours form must be submitted which has been signed by employer/ colleague.  Statutory Declaration of work hours is required for sole practitioners.

2. Continued Professional Development hours can be logged in the CPD Diary. Please follow the Reaccreditation Guidelines. These guidelines indicate acceptable continued education activities and the evidence required. The Accredited Hand Therapist must be involved in 20 hours Formal and Informal Education and 10 hours of Contribution to the Profession each year.

Those Accredited Hand Therapists who have been on Maternity leave during the 5 year period will be granted an extra 12 months to accrue 400 hours of Upper Limb specific work hours. Accrual of Continued Professional Development hours will remain as 30 hours per year.

3. Annual Audit

It’s important that Members log their CPD hours on an ongoing basis, as the Credentialing Council will conduct an annual audit of 5% of CPD logs. You should be logging 30 hours of CPD annually, in line with your AHPRA requirements for registration.

The annual audit is to ensure compliance to CPD record keeping for the Accredited Hand Therapist / Member. Those Members who do not pass the annual audit will be provided with a further 2 months to ensure that their work hours, CPD hours, and evidence are in line with AHPRA guidelines.

If you are selected for audit, you’ll receive 30 days’ notice to have your CPD Diary up to date with hours, and upload required evidence of activities together with your Verification of Work Hours form (signed by employer/ colleague or Statutory Declaration for sole practitioners).

4. Evidence of CPD Activities

Certificates of attendance/completion will be required as evidence of formal activities and you can use the CPD Informal Education Form, certificate of attendance and signed documents by the relevant parties as evidence of informal education activities (following the guideline specifications). To maintain fairness and transparency in this process, post dated signatures by supervisors will not be acceptable.

5. One year prior to your 5 year re-accreditation period you will receive notice that you are due to re-accredit in 12 months, along with an invoice for your re-accreditation fee. You will need to make sure that your CPD Diary is up to date (as outlined in the auditing process above) before you pay your re-accreditation fee. There’ll be a financial incentive to re-accredit early (at the 4 year mark). If you have met the requirements for re-accreditation, you will receive confirmation of your accreditation status from the Credentialing Council and will be reaccredited for a further 5-year period.

If you haven’t met the requirements for re-accreditation, the reinstatement procedures are documented in the current by-laws.

Maintenance of your AHT status requires that you remain a financial member of AHTA. You will still receive annual member renewals and be subject to own-rules and by-laws pertaining to financial status. There will also be a fee for re-accreditation, which is currently $250, but is subject to annual review by the Credential Council.