To become an Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT), as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) Credentialing Council, you must undertake Accreditation – also known as Credentialing.

Reaccreditation of an Accredited Hand Therapist ensures that the credentialed member remains competent according to the criteria set by the Australian Hand Therapy Association Credentialing Council.


Current AHT Member of the AHTA.


In a five-year period the following must be completed:

  1. Hand Therapy Practice (2000 hours)
  2. Ongoing education – Congruent with AHPRA guidelines (20 hours annually, 100 hours in total)
  3. Contribution to the profession (25 hours in total).

Find below a video that explains the requirements and the process for reaccreditation. Alternatively, you can read the information below.


Find below a video that looks at individual scenarios.


  1. AHTA Credentialing Council will invite you to submit your reaccreditation paperwork prior to your 5-year expiry date.
  2. Ensure you have completed your CPD Diary in your Member Portal to show evidence of hours as per requirements above and that you have uploaded documentary evidence for each entry as applicable. NOTE: The CPD Diary is 'closed' for an upgrade. Please do not add anything until after 31 January 2022. If you do, change will not be saved.
  3. Pay the reaccreditation fee as set by the AHTA. (The cost to reaccredit is $250 inc GST currently)
  4. The CC will review your reaccreditation application and if it meets the requirements, will recommend to the Management Committee that you be awarded the AHT Credential for a further 5 years. 

For details regarding reaccreditation, please find for viewing or download the Reaccreditation Guidelines. If you need assistance with options for contributions to the profession, the AHTA regularly advertises in eNEWS and at this link   


CPD Activity Reflection Form

Verification of Work Hours Form

CPD Informal Education Form

The AHTA urges AHTs to log CPD hours regularly. The portal can be found at this link CPD Diary

Find below a "How to use the AHTA CPD Diary" video providing step by step instructions.