1.  Course type

This course is an AHTA introductory course.

2.  Overview

This is an interactive course with hands-on practice of basic assessment and treatment techniques, in addition to a review of upper limb anatomy.  Rather than provide treatment protocols, this course will assist therapists to understand the WHY of each protocol and use their clinical reasoning skills, in addition to the ‘recipe’.

3.  Prerequisites 

Introduction to Hand Therapy is designed for those with less than 12 months of experience in hand therapy. You may:

  • have just started out in hand therapy
  • be preparing for your impending rotation into hands
  • be looking to acquire the skills required for an entry-level position in private practice
  • be a university student looking to bridge the gap between study and work.
  • This course is the first in your journey toward becoming an AHT and is followed by the Fundamentals of Hand Therapy Course. 

4.  Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, therapists will:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of upper limb anatomy
  • Complete an initial assessment including history taking and physical/clinical assessment
  • Apply clinical reasoning to plan a treatment approach
  • Identify the principles and purpose of splinting and appraise orthoses fabrication and relevance to treatment
  • Understand limits and extent of Hand Therapy and when a referral is appropriate. 

5.  Assessment details

There will be an exam held in the last hour of the course.

6.  Statement of CPD hours

This is a certificate workshop, so participants are encouraged to undertake the assessment that will allow them to claim 9 CPD hours for attendance at a one day course, with successful completion of the examination. Participants not wishing to undertake assessment may claim 7 hours credit for attendance at a one day course. 

7.  Course and booking enquiries

To book your place, please ensure you are signed in or create an account, then go to the the Course / event dates and bookings website page and click click "Purchase Event". 

Registration for this course comes with a $97 credit towards membership of the AHTA as either an Affiliate or Associate, depending on your status. Please indicate when you check out whether you are a student or registered OT/PT. After enrolment, a staff member will email you the details of your membership and invoice for any balance outstanding. For the duration of your membership, you will be entitled to courses discounted to the Associate price.

Please read the Education Cancellation Policy prior to booking this course. This course may still be subject to social distancing requirements and as such numbers are limited. It may be necessary to change venue, course dates or location so please ensure you book travel insurance or hold off on flights and accommodation until closer to the course.

Please contact enquire@ahta.com.au  to register your interest in this course or for any other inquiries.

To ensure appropriate catering, please note any dietary requirements when completing the online registration form. Please note that not all requirements can be catered for at all venues.

8.  Teaching staff

Christina Harwood

Hamish Anderson

Shannon Edwick

Melanie McCulloch

9.  Course contact details

Contact enquire@ahta.com.au or the AHTA office on 08 9778 9070.

10.  Course schedule

Please view the course schedule for this course. Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the schedule may vary.

11.  Previous participant feedback


12.  Intellectual property disclaimer

By registering for this course you agree that during the course, any contributions verbally or in writing which you make in regards to improving, altering or amending the content of the course, may be used by the AHTA in subsequent courses and will become the intellectual property of AHTA.