How to apply

Pre-application – Checklist

I have read and checked the Requirements

I have read and understood Mentorship

I have registered and downloaded the HTCC Mentorship Handbook

I have read COVID-19 and Parental leave

I understand the application fee is $400

I have downloaded the Forms.

Commence application

Complete stage 1 via the Apply now webpage

Pay the $400 application fee

Confirm that the Certificates of Attainment for core courses 1 & 2 are uploaded into your CPD portal

Review Modules 3-5 of HTCC Mentoring Handbook with Mentor prior to completing the AHT01 Mentorship Contract

Upload completed and signed Form – AHT01 Mentorship Contract

Add mentor name and mentor email address

Email the office via Contact us with a request to approve your Mentor for AHT Accreditation purposes.

Mentor approval

When approved, you will receive advice that you can proceed to stage 3. 


Final requirements

Complete stage 3 via the Apply now webpage.

Confirm that Certificates of Attainment for core courses 3 & 4 are uploaded into your CPD portal

Confirm upload of Certificate of Attainment for elective courses 1 and 2

Upload Forms: AHT02 Mentoring Log, AHT03 Mentoring Verification Form, AHT04 Skills Assessment Checklist, AHT05 AHPRA Registration Details (Inc date first registered), and AHT06 Employment Verification(s).

Email the office via Contact us with a request to have your final application reviewed for the AHT Credential.

Final approvals

You must now wait for final approvals by the Credentialing Council and AHTA Board. This process can take up to three months, depending on the date of the final application and scheduling of the meetings of the Credentialing Council and Board.



Complete your business listing

Complete stage 5 via the Apply now webpage.

Your listing will be displayed on our Directory - Find an Accredited Hand Therapist page.