Life Members

Life Membership is granted to a member of the association in recognition of outstanding achievement in some activity relating to Hand Therapy, or outstanding service to the association by way of bearing office, promoting the objects of the association and making a significant contribution to its growth and development. 

We acknowledge our Life Members.

 Rosemary Prosser (1999) Wilma Walsh Janet Dindler (2004)
 Judith Wilton (2004) Judith Morrin (2004) Jenny Ball (2008)
 Barbara Watson (2009) Birgit Svens (2012) Amy Geach (2014)
 Elizabeth Ward (2014) Tracey Clark (2018) Anne Wajon (2018)
 Suzanne Caragianis (2018)  

Click here to download the available citations presented at the AHTA AGM when they were honoured: Citations

A Life Member may transfer to Honorary Member when they cease to practise.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be granted to a person, nominated by a member of the association, who is of acknowledged eminence in activity related to Hand Therapy or who, by reason of position, eminence or experience, has rendered outstanding service in promoting the growth and development of the association, but is no longer an active member of the association, or is not eligible for membership of the association.

We acknowledge our Honorary Members:

 Jill Butchers (1987) Cynthia Nicol (2005) Esther May (1989)
 Matt Woods (2007)  Ray Huttenmeister (2007)Nicola Massey-Westropp (2017)
Andrea Bialocerkowski (2019)  

Past Presidents

1982 – 1985Jill Chapman
1986 – 1987Wilma Walsh
1988 – 1991Sandra Williamson
1992 – 1993Beverley Trevithick
1994 – 1996Jenny Ball
1997 – 1998Barbara Watson
1999 – 2000Janet Dindler
2001 – 2002Judith Wilton
2003 – 2004Celeste Glasgow
2005 – 2006Anne Wajon
2007 – 2008Barbara Hall
2009 – 2010Beth Taylor
2011 – 2012Joy Hanna
2013Rosemary Prosser
2013 – 2014Tracey Clark
2015Helen Burfield
2016Karen Fitt
2017Nicola Cook
2018 – 2020Lara Griffiths