Hand Therapy Week, 7 – 13 June 2021

While we regard all of our members as winners and we are grateful to everyone who participated in our HTW activities, we are delighted to announce the winners and prizes of the competitions advertised.  

Clinical Pearl
Public health category winner is Jade Wong, AHT, Fairfield Hospital, Sydney, NSW, with a clinical pearl titled Cheap n Cheerful ‘Chip Packets’. Our private practice category winner is Susie Ellis, AHT, Central Victorian Hand Therapy, VIC, with a clinical pearl titled Treating interosseous tightness.

Best Video
Public health category winner is Nicole Gintings and the team at John Hunter Hospital, NSW with a video titled Choose Hand Therapy. Private practice category winner is Clare Maple-Brown, AHT and the team at Bondi Junction Hand Therapy, NSW with a video titled Hands Up For Hand Therapy.

We extend our thanks and congratulations to all four winners. Jade and Susie win $100 each and Nicole and Clare win $500 each.

Thank you to everyone that joined in – for bringing awareness and appreciation to the hand therapy field. #HTW2021.


Its not too late to access the posters if you would like to hang them up at your workplace.

A3 (2 x size of A4)

There are three different A3 posters available:

  1. Choose Hand Therapy
  2. Hand Therapy is... and 
  3. An Accredited Hand Therapist is...

You can view and download these posters at this link.  They are available in 10 MB or 19 MB (highest resolution).

A2 (very large poster)

There is one A2 poster available, titled Choose Hand Therapy. This poster can be viewed and downloaded at this link.  It is available in 12 MB or 23 MB (highest resolution).

Also find patient information posters at this link https://www.ahta.com.au/resources/patient-information-handouts-posters. Print them out and post them together - they make a great wall display.