The Australian Hand Therapy Association is a not-for-profit Association subject to the Incorporation Associations Act QLD (Click Here to download a copy of the act) and ASIC.  The AHTA operates under a Constitution (Own Rules) which were last amended in October 2018 and By Laws updated August 2018 which determine the day to day running of the AHTA.

The AHTA Management Committee has responsibility for the control and direction of the affairs of the Association.  This is reflected in the By Laws and the Strategic Plan, which are updated as needed to fulfil the ongoing direction and goals of the Association.

Management committee members serve a two-year term with a two month handover period to assist incoming management committee members with a smooth transition in the uptake of their roles.  (not including the 3 year Presidency term)

Mission & Pillars

Our Mission

The Mission of the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) is to advance the hand therapy profession

Pillars to acheive Mission:

  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Promote and communicate the practice of hand therapy
  • Advocate on behalf of members and the profession
  • Establish standards and encourage best practice in hand therapy
  • Support research into hand therapy
  • Foster international and professional links
  • Govern and manage the association well

Own Rules [are our constitution]

These are a written set of rules outlining our association’s operations, including members’ rights, how the Management Committee works and how meetings run. The rules may be amended, repealed or added to by a special resolution at a general meeting. These amendments must comply with the Associations Incorporations Act. An amendment, repeal or addition is valid only if is registered with the Queensland Dept Fair Trading.

Please click here for last updated Own Rules, approved on 21st November 2019 

By-Laws V23

The By Laws are our procedural guidelines. The Management Committee may make, amend or repeal By Laws, not inconsistent with our Own Rules, for the internal management of the Association. Any changes are voted on by Management Committee. A By Law may be set aside by a vote of Members at a general meeting.

Click here to view the AHTA BY-LAWS Version 23.0 updated Jsanuary 2020

Strategic Plan

The AHTA Strategic Plan is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions shaping the nature and direction of our Association’s activities. This process started in 2007 and remains an ongoing activity of the Management Committee, with reviews occurring annually. The strategic plan provides guidance in fulfilling our mission with maximum efficiency and impact, holds our Management Committee accountable, and informs members of our activities and achievements.

Click here to view the Strategic Plan

Annual Report 2019

Throughout this report you will read about the activities of an association which is committed to “To advance the hand therapy profession ”.  You will be updated on the activities of the various portfolios within the management committee as well as individual highlights of members who have made an enormous contribution to the profession.

The AHTA is an organisation that supports therapists to make fundamental changes in the lifestyle of individuals with hand and upper limb conditions.  It is an association of occupational and physiotherapists who are clinical experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, managers.... who in their individual way contribute to the breadth and depth of hand therapy practice in Australia.

The AHTA management committee’s ambition was to deliver a clear strategic direction for the organisation with the mandate to deliver seven key strategic objectives this year.  This report outlines how this has been delivered throughout 2019.  Please take the time to read, evaluate, absorb and appraise so that you can help us plan for the future.

Please click here to download a copy of the Annual Report 2019

Past Annual Reports can be accessed through the Library by clicking here