1.  Course type

This course is an AHTA Core course.

2.  Overview

The course uses a dynamic format including predominately lecture format with use of some case studies, demonstration and hands-on practical activities. It teaches, anatomy, biomechanics, human structure & function, assessment and tissue injury & repair advancing our understanding of the hand and upper limb. Following this course, you will be able to identify the anatomical structures of the upper limb and describe their specific functions, healing rates, and complications. You will further develop the basis for broadening your clinical reasoning skills enabling you to problem-solve clinical scenarios and their assessment. 

3.  Prerequisites 

Participants must be final year OT or PT student or qualified as a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. 

You must have: 
Completed Introduction to Hand Therapy Course OR
Have a minimum of 2 years post-graduate experience in a hand therapy setting OR
Have a minimum of 1-year post-graduate experience in a hand therapy setting with a letter of endorsement from a professional supervisor

4.  Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, therapists will:

  • Perform accurate, reliable and valid assessment of a patient’s hand injury and assess their current level of function. 
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the complex anatomy of the hand and upper limb. 
  • Describe the pathology and healing process in hand injuries 
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the complex biomechanics of the hand and upper limb. 
  • Analyse and interpret information gained from assessment, other investigations (eg X-ray) and from knowledge of the pathophysiology of the hand injury in order to identify the precise nature of the patients presenting problem and the clinical reasoning required to solve that problem at differing intervals across the healing cycle. 
  • Plan short- and long-term goals for a patient including the treating surgeon and other members of the health care team. These goals should be realistic and consider the patients physical and psychological state and their current level of functioning. 
  • Select and implement appropriate intervention strategies while clinically reasoning what effect such interventions will have on the patient’s level of function throughout the treatment process  

5.  Assessment

Assessment TimeWhen
Pre-course exam30 min2 weeks prior
Post-course exam60 min7-10 days post

Refer to the course booking page for dates. Participants who are not available to complete the exams as scheduled and advertised will forfeit the option of a Certificate of Attainment. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Refer to Course Assessment Policy.

6.  Statement of CPD hours

This course is 20 CPD hours for attendance only.

Participants may undertake and pass the assessment that will allow them to claim 50 CPD hours.

For those wishing to apply to become an Accredited Hand Therapist with the AHTA, particpants must undertake and pass the asessment. 

7.  Course and booking enquiries

To book your place, please ensure you are signed in or create an account, then go to the the Course / event dates and bookings website page and click "Purchase Event".  Discounts apply for Associates and Accredited Hand Therapists. The registration costs for Fundamentals of Hand Therapy are:

Non-Member $1450

Associate $942.50

Accredited Hand Therapist $870

To become a member of the Association please click here

Please read the Education Cancellation Policy prior to booking your place on this course. This course may still be subject to social distancing requirements and as such numbers are limited. It may be necessary to change venue, course dates or location so please ensure you book travel insurance or hold off on flights and accommodation until closer to the course.

8.  Teaching staff

Joy Hanna

Christina Harwood

Shannon Edwick

David Parsons

9.  Course contact details

Contact enquire@ahta.com.au or the AHTA office on 08 9778 9070.

10.  Photography and filming

Images taken at our workshops may be used for promotion and evaluation; including press releases; publicity materials including newsletters, enews, social media, presentations and our website. Images will not be accompanied by names or other details that could identify individuals. If you DO NOT consent to being filmed or photographed during an AHTA course, you must advise the office in writing via email enquire@ahta.com.au and advise the presenter on the first day of the course.

11. Previous participant feedback

"Most engaging presenter I have experienced. 2 full days of online content and I felt engaged the whole time!"

"Joy is obviously very knowledgable and is able to explain the mechanics of the upper limb in a succinct and logical way. I appreciated the way she conveyed the importance of understanding functional anatomy, biomechanics and tissue healing as the core fundamentals of hand therapy rather than a protocol based approach."

12.  Intellectual property disclaimer

By registering for this course you agree that during the course, any contributions verbally or in writing which you make in regards to improving, altering or amending the content of the course, may be used by the AHTA in subsequent courses and will become the intellectual property of AHTA.