This page provides all of the forms you will need for your application for accreditation or reaccreditation

Please view or download them and complete them as required. 

Accreditation forms and resources 

AHT01 Mentoring Contract

HTCC Mentoring Handbook (must register with HTCC to receive this resource) This handbook includes HTCC Skills Assessment Checklists for completion and submission with your application.  See AHT04 below for example.

AHT02 Mentoring Log

AHT03 Mentor Verification Form

AHT04 HTCC Skills Assessment Checklist Example

AHT05  AHPRA Registration Details

AHT 06 Employment Verification Form

Reaccreditation forms

RAC01 Verification of Work Hours Form

RAC02 CPD Education Form

RAC02a CPD Reflection Activity Form