This Committee was introduced in 2020 to oversee and make recommendations to the Committee of Management in respect to Finance, Audit, Risk and Governance.

The Finance, Audit, Risk and Governance Committee will provide:

  • continuity of AHTA’s finance, audit, risk and governance processes (when members of the committee of management turnover);
  • expertise, independence and critical analysis;
  • improved accountability and identification of conflicts of interest, breaches and errors;
  • an appropriate structure to deliver best-practice governance principles and processes.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide independent expertise to ensure that the AHTA has systems and processes in place that are appropriate to its circumstances, and which enable the organisation to pursue its purpose effectively, mitigate risk and meet its obligations under the law. 

The Current members of the FARG Committee are:

  • Payal Allen, Chair 
  • Julia Wild, Treasurer
  • Sope Dalley, Independent
  • Anja Ahale, Independent
  • Wendy Rowland, CEO

To contact the committee, please email the AHTA office.