How do I contact the AHTA Office?

You have a few options, click here Contact Us or send an email directly to Sarah Dixon, Executive Support Manager at or telephone: 08 9778 9070

Where is the office based and what days does the AHTA Office operate?

The AHTA Office is based in Western Australia and operates Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 3:00pm. 

Please leave an email or telephone message at any other time and they will be dealt with as soon as possible. (please be aware of time difference if contacting by telephone)

How do I join the AHTA Google Group for AHT's and Associate Members?

To join the AHTA Google Group, please email our Marketing Officer at with your preferred email address for notifications and your request to join the group.  Once we have checked your membership status, we will approve your request and send you a welcome email with group guidelines and how to post a thread.

Journal Access

Why do I only have guest access on the Science Direct link through the members only section?

In order to gain full access you are required to enter a username and password in the top right hand corner of the website. 

Please contact the office at or telephone: 08 9778 9070 for details (Associate/AHTs only)

How do I access Science Direct and what is the Username and password?

This is the process you need for accessing the Science Direct journals:

- Log in to and enter the members only section.
- Notice on left hand side that you now have subheading for Science Direct. Click on that.
- You can then click on any of the links for journals (this will take you to the Science Direct Web page)
- Head to the top right of the Science Direct website, you'll notice you have guest access only which allows you a summary of the journals, click login button.
- Enter username: Please contact the office at or telephone: 08 9778 9070 for details

How do I access the EBSCO Page?

Login in to Members only section of the AHTA website, select EBSCO and enter your initial search in the search bos, then click search


Where do I find the forms and guidelines that look at reaccreditation of my AHT Credential?

This page contains the most up to date information around your reaccrediation obligations

When should I complete the "Reflective Learning" document for reaccreditation?

Learning activities in other occupational therapy or physiotherapy practice areas require documentation AND a "Reflective Learning" document to demonstrate how your learning was applied to hand therapy practice. This can be uploaded to your CPD diary when you record the activity you undertook.

What is the parental leave Allowance for AHT and Reaccreditation Applications?

As per the current By-Laws:

3.1.1 Eligibility (AHT) Clinician 

9.  1.      Parental leave: The hand therapy practice requirement of 2000 hours per five-year reaccreditation period may be reduced by 400 hours for each newborn child for whom the AHT is a primary caregiver. A letter from employer must be submitted detailing parental leave agreement. The reduction may not be carried across reaccreditation periods. Category 2 (Ongoing Education) and 3 (Contributions to the Hand Therapy Profession) requirements must be met in full, within the reaccreditation period of five years.

I would like to register for an AHTA Course but I would also like to apply for membership, should I register first to secure a spot?

No- the application process for Associate membership of the AHTA has been streamlined and if all the criteria for application are met, we should have your application through within a couple of days.  Once your membership fees have been paid and your application has been finalised, you would be eligible to register for a course as an Associate. 

What should I include in my letter of recommendation (applying for AHT Credential) ?

Letter of recommendation should include:

  • Statement that the person recommends you for AHT Membership
  • How long you have known each other?
  • How you have demonstrated an interest in hand theapy? and any additional information you feel is relevant to relevant to your application.

Are my membership fees due on the 31st December each year or on my anniversary date of approval?

Most members renewal fees are due on either the 31st December or the 30 June, if you are using our 6 monthly payment option.  However, if you joined after July 2010, your membership fees are due on the anniversary date of your approval by the Membership Secretary.  For eg, If your membership was approved on the 21st October, this is the date your fees will be due each year.  You can of course take up the 6 monthly option after your first full year of membership.


What is the AHTAs Policy on Cancellation/Refunds of Workshop fees?

AHTA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event. If this occurs all monies will be refunded to the registrant. Should a registrant be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome and should contact the AHTA Office. A refund (less 30% to cover the administration costs) will be given for a written cancellation received 10 working days prior to the event. Cancellation after this will be ineligible for a refund.
All registrants will be notified in writing by e-mail to confirm a place or to advise if their name has been placed on a waiting list for each seminar/workshop. If a registrant has not received this confirmation 7 days prior to the seminar please contact our Events Coordinator ( If an event is cancelled, all registrants will be notified either by phone or e-mail.

How do I access the AHTA Webinars after the event?

You can access the AHTA Webinars from our website by following these steps:

  • Login to the members only area of the website.
  • Click on 'Resources & Media'

  • Select ‘Webinars'