Divisional Coordinators (State & Territories Committee)

Liz Guiffre (Chair) 
To contact the State and Territories Committee, email the chair at stateaffairs@ahta.com.au 

ACT Division

NT Division

Victoria Gorringe Jayne Donovan
To contact the ACT Division, email ahtaact.sig@gmail.comTo contact the NT Division, email ahtaant.sig@gmail.com

NSW Division

QLD Division

Michelle ChimFrances Thomsen 
Victoria TricardosAmanda Mackillop
Susan DunnMargo Coffey
Adrian JollowSally Colwell
To contact the NSW Division, email nswigmeeting@gmail.comTo contact the QLD Division, email ahtaqld.sig@gmail.com

SA Division

TAS Division

Kaveeta DeutAmy Geach
Charlotte Nash 
To contact the SA Division, email ahtasa.sig@gmail.comTo contact the TAS Division, email ahtatas.sig@gmail.com                                       

VIC Division

WA Division

Maria KwijasVictoria Allbrook
Helen ScottJessica De Jong
Hana PeakeSarah Fairthorne
To contact the VIC Division, email ahtavic.sig@gmail.comTo contact the WA Division, email ahtawa.sig@gmail.com