Course types


The AHTA delivers three types of courses: introductory, core and elective.


The introductory courses are suitable for individuals:

  • looking to bridge the gap between study and work
  • looking to acquire the skills required for an entry-level position in private practice
  • preparing for a rotation in hand therapy
  • starting in hand therapy, including those undertaking a career change
  • wanting continued professional learning (CPD hours).

Core courses are suitable for practitioners:

  • with a minimum of two years of post-graduate experience in treating upper limb conditions
  • looking to acquire additional skills required for a position in hand therapy
  • wishing to upskill and learn current best-practice
  • wanting continued professional learning (CPD hours)
  • undertaking to complete the Accredited Hand Therapist credential.

Elective courses are suitable for practitioners:

  • that are experienced and wish to upskill or revise current best-practice
  • wishing to gain greater knowledge in a specific area of hand therapy
  • wanting continued professional learning (CPD hours)
  • undertaking to complete the Accredited Hand Therapist credential.

Accredited courses are run independently of the association. They have been assessed as meeting a high standard of educational quality.

If you would like to view the courses accredited by the AHTA, please refer to our Course accreditation page.