The AHTA is committed to providing health professionals with quality professional development options. We have developed and deliver three types of courses: Introductory, Core and Elective.

To read the profile of a course, click the image for that course. If you wish to attend a course, refer to Course / event dates and bookings.

Introductory course

The Introduction to Hand Therapy course is suitable for therapists who may have:
- just started out in hand therapy, including those undertaking a therapy career change
- be preparing for your impending rotation into hands
- be looking to acquire the skills required for an entry-level position in private practice
- be a university student looking to bridge the gap between study and work.


Core courses

These courses are for therapists treating conditions related to the upper limb. For successful completion, therapists generally require a minimum of 2 years of experience in treating these conditions and an active caseload. The AHTA recommends that participants have completed the Introduction to Hand Therapy course.

Elective courses

These courses are approved by the AHTA Credentialing Council to be used as part of the experiential pathway requirements for the AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist credential. Elective courses must demonstrate the appropriate design, level of scholarly rigor, workload and assessment requirements before being included on the approved electives list. These courses may not have pre-requisites and can be suitable for those not exclusively treating upper limb conditions. Please review the pre-requisites on the course profile page for further information.


Accredited courses

We also accredit courses that demonstrate they meet the highest educational quality by passing our stringent assessment process.

These courses are not electives and are run independently of the association.

If you would like to view the current courses accredited by the AHTA or find out more about accrediting with us, please refer to our Course Accreditation page.