Course accreditation

What is an accredited course?

An AHTA accredited course is a course that has not been developed by the AHTA. It is a course that is submitted via an application by an individual or organisation for the purpose of accreditation. 

The applicant must be a credible individual or organisation committed to supporting the needs of hand therapists. The course will be assessed to determine that it meets mandatory criteria. 

We work with the applicant to assess and if successful, promote the accredited course appropriately, allowing the use of the AHTA course accreditation logo for the sole purpose of marketing the accredited course.

These courses do not count as elective courses for the purpose of the AHT Credential, however the courses have been reviewed by the AHTA to provide assurance to our members that they are undertaking a course that has passed our stringent assessment process and is of the highest educational quality.

To view or download information and an application form, click on the links below.

Course Accreditation Information

Course Accreditation Application Form

Current accredited courses

  Name of Provider Name of Course Website for Information
1 GEMt (Global Education of Manual Therapists) Upper Limb Dry Needling Course
2 Hand Therapy Consulting Casting Motion to Mobilise Stiffness