Complaints & Feedback

Please complete this form to provide feedback or a notification of an incident or concern about:

·        the activities of the association

·        a volunteer or member of staff of the association (including contractors)

·        a member of the association

·        a stakeholder, partner or other individual or organisation affiliated with the association.

The AHTA cannot act on complaints that refer to:

  • Professional misconduct (this information should be forwarded directly to AHPRA or the appropriate registering board)
  • The Therapist/Patient Relationship including treatment, compensation, records management/release and legal proceedings
  • Complaints or concerns that pertain to issues outside the scope of hand therapy practice (concerns of this nature should be directed to OT Australia, the APA, AHPRA or other professional association, registration board or Government department.

The AHTA will however consider a course of action based on notifications and findings from the appropriate registration board or Government department.

Before you complete this form:

  • We will not respond to feedback or a complaint that is disrespectful or contains expletives or offensive language 
  • It is important that you provide all the information you can
  • The Board of Directors will consider the information and determine whether action is required
  • When reviewing feedback/notifications, we consider whether there has been a failure to meets standards set by the association only, the AHTA does not have the power to make decisions outside the scope of the association.

Privacy and confidentiality

The association is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

We will not share your contact details with the person named in your feedback or notification, or with experts that we ask to help us manage your feedback or notification, without your express written permission.

Importantly, we will share the details of your feedback or notification with the person named. We might also need to share these details with third parties, such as experts that we need assistance from to assess or investigate your feedback or notification.

When reviewing feedback/notifications, we consider whether there has been a failure to meets standards set by the Association only, the AHTA does not have the power to make decisions outside the scope of our Association; in addition to deciding on a course of action the AHTA will consider preventative measures including training needs, policy and process changes etc.

Please note the details of your feedback/notification, please ensure you are as thorough as possible to ensure the AHTA has all required information to make a complete and educated decision – please attach any evidence that may help with our decision :

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Additional Information & Acknowledgement


I have read and understand all documents and information pertaining to the completion and submission of this feedback/notification form. By submitting this form, I acknowledge that the AHTA have the right to investigate my feedback/notification based on the information I have provided and in conjunction with other statements obtained from individuals, organisations and witnesses where required. I understand that the details of this notification may be shared with third parties where professional advice is sought by the AHTA in dealing with this notification, but that my personal details, including name and contact details will be omitted except in the event that I provide express written consent for these details to be released. I understand that the AHTA may only act on feedback/notifications within the scope of the Association, I understand that as noted in SECTION A: (1), notification outside the Scope of the AHTA must be directed to the appropriate Organisation for resolution.