Benefits of accreditation

There are many benefits of doing further education or gaining a credential.

Improved knowledge, skills and competencies

The Accredited Hand Therapist credential means that the individual is assessed as being competent to diagnose, assess and treat their patient. 

Career advancement

Further education and credentials can help individuals advance their careers by providing them with new skills and knowledge that are in demand in their field. 

Increased earning potential

Individuals with higher levels of education or credentials generally earn more than those without. 

Mentorship opportunity

The Accredited Hand Therapist credential provides the applicant with a mentor, a highly experienced clinician who will be committed to teaching and supporting the individual.

Personal growth

Further education can provide individuals with a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfilment. 

Networking opportunities

Education programs and credentialing programs often provide opportunities for individuals to connect with others in their field. This can lead to valuable professional relationships, mentorship opportunities, and access to new job opportunities.

Keeping up with industry trends

Further education and credentials can help individuals stay up-to-date with best practices in their field. 

Overall, further education and gaining a credential can provide individuals with a range of benefits that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

There are also benefits of accreditation to the patient, community, referrers and insurers. 


Patients and the community can be assured that these practitioners have been assessed as qualified and competent to provide safe, evidence-based diagnosis, advice and treatment.

Referrers and insurers

The credential provides a way of demonstrating to referrers and insurers that the practitioner meets competencies as an advanced scope practitioner.