1.  Course type

This course is an AHTA Elective course. An AHTA Elective course contains learning outcomes that meet at least the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) Level 8 standards. 

2.  Overview

This course will cover the principles of development, assessment, and management of arthritis and auto-immune conditions affecting the upper limb. The anatomy and biomechanics of the digits, wrist, elbow, and shoulder relevant to arthritis will be explored, along with conservative, operative and post-operative treatment strategies. A mix of lectures and group work will facilitate in-depth knowledge, reflections on previous experiences of attendees and applications to clinical practice.

3.  Prerequisites 


4.  Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, therapists will:

  • describe theoretical concepts of pathology and biomechanics in arthritis and auto-immune disease affecting the upper limb
  • understand diagnosis, assessment and common presentations in arthritis and auto-immune diseases
  • describe the pathomechanics of common deformities associated with arthritis and auto-immune conditions
  • understand conservative, surgical and post-operative management options of arthritis and auto-immune conditions
  • understand concepts of chronic disease management
  • apply knowledge to case-based scenarios

5.  Assessment details

50 CPD hours inclusive of 16 contact hours, pre-reading, examination and assignment/case study.

6.  Statement of CPD hours

Participants not wishing to undertake assessment may claim 16 hours credit for attendance at the two-day course. For those wishing to apply to become an Accredited Hand Therapist with the AHTA, this is an Elective course and successful assessment and completion of all components is a requirement for your application. 

7.  Course and booking enquiries

To book your place, please ensure you are signed in or create an account, then go to the the Course / event dates and bookings website page and click click Purchase Event. Discounts apply for Associates and Accredited Hand Therapists. The registration costs for Arthritis of the Upper Limb are:

Non-Member $1200

Associate $780

Accredited Hand Therapist $720

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8.  Teaching staff

Brodwen McBain

Jeff Sanderson

9.  Course contact details

Contact enquire@ahta.com.au or the AHTA office on 08 9778 9070.

10.  Course schedule

Please view the course schedule for this course.

11.  Previous participant feedback


12.  Intellectual property disclaimer

By registering for this course you agree that during the course, any contributions verbally or in writing which you make in regards to improving, altering or amending the content of the course, may be used by the AHTA in subsequent courses and will become the intellectual property of AHTA.

Please contact the office if you have any queries in relation to this disclaimer events@ahta.com.au