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Stage 1 – Commence application

Email the office with a request to review your application for accreditation. Email

Stage 2 - Mentor approval

When approved, you will receive advice that you can proceed to Stage 3 of the accreditation process. 

Stage 3 - Final requirements

Email the office with a request to review your final application for accreditation. Email

Stage 4 Final approvals

You must now wait for final approval by the Credentialing Council and AHTA Board. This process can take up to three months, depending on the date of the final application and scheduling of the meetings of the Credentialing Council and Board.

We thank you for your patience.

Stage 5 - Complete your 'Find a therapist' business listing

Complete the form below to create your directory listing. This will be displayed on our Directory - Find an Accredited Hand Therapist page. 

You will be able to complete, maintain and view statistics of your listing when you login to your members area under the "My Listings" tab. 

We recommend you only add the fields that you are happy to display to other members in our directory.

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