Dear Wendy, 

Thank you for your email on 18 June 2021 raising the concerns of your members. We recognise the commitment of your members to their patients and their dedication to helping them rehabilitate. I hope to address the issues you’ve raised and have included relevant links that may be helpful to your members. 

1. Higher remuneration for treating TAC patients 

As you mentioned, we have been working to address the request for higher remuneration for Accredited Hand Therapists via our Above Rate Service Agreement process. To date only a small number of AHTA members have submitted a request and had their above rate agreements processed. 

Because an AHT code is not possible at this time, I recommend that the members you have spoken to, who have expressed concerns about the cost of delivering services to TAC clients, apply for an Above Rate Service Agreement. 

Applications can be submitted using this form: 


2. Prompt 30-day payment for consultations, report writing and equipment/materials 

We want our providers to be paid promptly and accurately. 

Where possible, we encourage providers to submit invoices via LanternPay, our online payment platform. As your members may be aware, this enables next business day payment for approved invoices and allows providers to instantly confirm their patient’s eligibility for TAC services before treatment is delivered. 

While there is a 1.45% fee associated with the platform, we find that in most cases this is outweighed by savings in administration costs and that use of the platform can help avoid some of the issues you outlined. 

Providers can register with LanternPay or find more information on the TAC website: 



For your members who prefer to submit manual invoices (mail or email), we endeavor to pay these as quickly as possible where they meet our invoicing requirements: 


If there are individual circumstances we can address, please let me know. 

3. Consistent communication re invoice reimbursement should a claim or invoice be rejected. 

We strive for consistency in our approval processes and want to be transparent and timely when an invoice is rejected. 

In many circumstances we can pay for a treatment without the need for the provider to contact us for approval first, while other circumstances require prior approval. Details are provided at the following link and in the provider guidelines on our website: 


4. Information about the process for reimbursement to a patient if they pay privately and claim later from the TAC 

We ask that providers let the TAC client know whenever there will be a ‘gap payment’ or other out of pocket expense. This applies whether: 

1. The provider charges a fee greater than that on our fee schedule, or 

2. The provider opts to charge the client the full amount. 

Clients can contact us to discuss their options if the out of pocket costs will prohibit treatments or services from going ahead. 

When a client pays an out of pocket expense they can seek reimbursement via the myTAC app or by submitting it via email to info@tac.vic.gov.au. 

This process is outlined on our website. Your members can direct their patients here for more information: 


Thank you for raising these issues. The TAC looks forward to our continued collaboration with the Australian Hand Therapy Association. Please let me know if I can answer anything further. 

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Medical and Rehabilitation Equipment Guidelinehttps://www.tac.vic.gov.au/providers/working-with-tac-clients/guidelines/provider-guidelines/medical-and-rehabilitation-equipment-guideline

Account payment or approval concerns: As Lidia recommended this morning to avoid long wait times on the phone to TAC we would encourage you to use this email address Provider@tac.vic.gov.au

Other Resources which may be of benefit to members;

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