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The Australian Hand Therapy Association is a not-for-profit Association subject to the Incorporation Associations Act QLD (Click Here to download a copy of the act) and ASIC.  The AHTA operates under a Constitution (own Rules) which was last amended in November 2013 and By Laws updated November 2013 which determine the day to day running of the AHTA.

The AHTA management Committee has responsibility for the control and direction of the affairs of the Association.  This is reflected in the By Laws and the strategic plan, which are updated as needed to fulfil the ongoing direction and goals of the Association.

Management committee members serve a two-year term with a three month carry over period to assist incoming management committee in a smooth transition in the uptake of their roles.  

The AHTA Constitution, By Laws, strategic plan and induction package are available on the website also.


This year the Governance Committee:

  • Commenced a training events calendar for incoming members of the MC on governance issues, how meetings are conducted, what the various roles on the MC are, and a finance matters webinar.
  • Reviewed the induction package template for incoming members of the MC.
  • Discussed issues of recruitment and succession with the MC, and have developed a new plan for the role of President of the AHTA to be discussed with members at this AGM.
  • Established the method of ‘best practice’ review of the MC and will assess this with the MC over the next 6 months.
  • Helped with the organization of the programme for the face to face meeting in May to work on the strategic planning objectives.
  • Commenced discussion of remuneration for MC members with heavy portfolio responsibilities – to be brought to the members at the AGM.
  • Conducted a review of Sarah Dixon, our Association Manager’s contract in June in conjunction with the Treasurer , Dave Parsons.

Over the coming twelve months we aim to:

  • Develop appropriate risk management practices
  • Gain an understanding of the risks the organisation faces and its ability to insure against those risks.

The GC will also review all the MC roles and performance expectations.